Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun with Lewis & Clark

Follow the links below for some exploring fun with Lewis & Clark.

On The Scholastic Website:
Mapman Game - Answer questions about the Lewis & Clark expedition

What to Pack? - Have you ever packed for a long trip away from home? If so, you probably spent time thinking about what kind of clothes to bring, what kind of books or toys to carry, what sort of medicine you might need, and trying to remember all the little things that you've forgotten.

Make a Specimen Box - As Lewis and Clark went on their expedition west, they found lots of new plants, animals and minerals that they had never seen before. President Thomas Jefferson had told Lewis and Clark that they should send examples of these new finds back to him.

More information on the Smithsonian Education Website:

Great for homeschoolers - Animal Encounters lesson plan (grades 3-5)

Visit the Interactive Trail Map - click on the different states to see information about the Expedition in that state.

Have fun exploring the Lewis & Clark expedition...we'll explore more on February 12th!