Friday, April 1, 2011

Where Is Lilly the Catapilly? Puppet Show at The Oregon Garden

Everyone loves little Lilly the caterpillar, she is friends with everyone but one spring day when she was supposed to Go to a tea party, the loveable Lilly doesn’t show up. That’s when her friends go to look for her. Enjoy this musical Mystery and find out just what has happened to Lilly.

Join us on Saturday April 9th as the Junior Gardener's Club has a rockin' good time with the "Where is Lilly the Catapillly?" puppet show, presented by Penny Puppet Productions. Show begins at 10 a.m. in the OSU Room of the Pavilion. Check in at the Visitor Center.
About Penny:
Penny Walter has her Masters in Early Childhood Education. Her Masters Thesis was on “Teaching with Puppets." She taught in the Portland area schools before deciding to follow her dream and became a full time puppeteer and storyteller. From 2002-2006 she was the Resident Puppeteer at the Portland Children’s Museum. She has ongoing relationships with the Portland Public School district and head start programs as well as area libraries and is an Artist in Health Care at Emanual Children’s Hospital. Penny’s Puppet shows, utilize audience participation, and instill the love of music, language, and stimulate the imagination. They naturally support emotional development, improve listening skills, and develop awareness and appreciation of the similarities of all people (and puppets). She teaches Puppetry classes & workshops for teachers, children, families, and other professional groups, in addition to performing at festivals, libraries, schools and Private events.

Visit Penny's website here:

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