Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2012 Junior Gardener's Club Schedule

The fun and learning continue at The Oregon Garden in 2012. Our regular Saturday programs are listed below - additional programs will be announced throughout the year. Remember that Junior Gardener's Club members (and Oregon Garden members at the Trillium level & above) receive free admission to all regular JGC programs - don't miss the fun!

Contact the Garden at 503-874-8100 to pre-register for programs.

January 14, 2012        Motion Magic Tumbling
            Gymnastics, dance, yoga and creative dramatic play. Kids will partake in a gymnastics circuit, learning basic tumbling skills, strength exercises using fun props like hula hoops, ribbons, and parachutes. Stories, themes and music are woven into the class to encourage imagination and creative expression. For more info on Motion Magic, click HERE

February 11, 2012      I Love Origami
            Explore the ancient art of origami and learn to fold paper into amazing shapes. Learn about the history of this art form while you create. 

March 10, 2012          Bugs Can Be Good – Looking at Beneficial Insects
            See a wide variety of beneficial insects – pollinators, predators, and parasitoids – and learn the functions of each group. 35 insects will be shown via slides and display boxes and kids will make a bug box of their own to take home.

April 14, 2012 Dirt does Great Things for Composting & Worms Too
            Get down and dirty with us as we learn about dirt, soil, compost…and worms too!

May 12, 2012             Gardening for the Whole Family
            The Oregon Garden Horticultural Staff will be teaching easy garden design tips and methods in this class which will kick off the “Family Garden Contest.” The first 40 families to pre-register for this program will receive a free garden box from Naturalyards, Inc. More details on the contest will be listed on our blog and website.

June 9, 2012               Photo Scavenger Hunt
            “Click” – did you get the shot? This program will provide you with quick and easy photography instruction before sending you out into the Garden to find and photograph each item on the scavenger hunt list.

July 14, 2012              Geo-caching Adventures
            Oregon Garden friends, Chuck, Carol and Jen return to the Junior Gardener’s Club for more fun with geo-caching. Learn how to work the gps units and set off on a  modern-day treasure hunt!

August 11, 2012         Monster Plants
            Ghouls, vampires, zombies, space invaders, murderers—sounds like movie night on Halloween? Actually, this is a story of plants—MONSTER PLANTS. Come learn about plants that are much stranger than the ones in your garden. And even better, learn about the Monster Plants that live nearby—or that you could even grow in your garden! If you are brave enough!

September 8, 2012     Using Your Senses in the Garden
            Join Yoga Instructor, Tsipora Berman of the Silver Falls Yoga Studio for an engaging up close and personal one of a kind sensory experience in the Oregon Garden Children's Garden Area.  Explore the landscape of your personal connection with Nature expanding your unique understanding of 5 senses (touch , smell, feel, taste, and hear) to include 7 other sensory surprises. 

October 13, 2012        The Lonely Little Pumpkin Puppet Show
            Little Peter the Pumpkin is excited about being picked for Harvest and can’t wait to be picked at the Pumpkin Patch. But Peter is watching all of his friends get picked around him and is starting to worry that he won’t find a home and he’ll miss his big
chance to shine. Join the colorful cast of characters like Misty the Spider and Adley the Acorn and others who do their best to cheer up lonely Peter the Pumpkin.

November 10, 2012    Garden Art: Paper Making

December 8, 2012      Found Object Art